Coutet, Alice


Alice’s parents discovered her God given talent at an early age. She continued studying art at school in Croydon, Surrey, England.

One word sums up the signature style of artist Alice Coutet – Stunning!  Coutet’s work often exaggerates Nature’s colours- magnifying their exquisiteness and commanding attention. There is certainly something for everyone out of her collection, which was the name of her solo exhibition in 2007.

With a spectacular array of works including traditional Bermuda Cottages, cerulean seas, precisely painted portraits and vibrantly coloured abstracts, Coutet’s art truly reflects her belief that ‘you can never run out of things to paint in Bermuda’.  With numerous artistic credits to her name, including the Butterfield Bank’s People’s Choice Award and the winner of the Quick Art Competition in the Park (2006), Coutet’s passion for Art manifests itself in every painting and in her words, “Every painting is a part of me”.

Alice continues to exhibit her work in various art competitions, including the biennial Charman Competition held by the Masterworks Foundation, and exhibitions in England and Bermuda, and also donates artwork to charitable events.

List of exhibitions with Gallery One Seventeen:

March 14th, 2019 : “Spring Group Show” A group exhibition.


Photos of Alice’s work can be sent via email at request.

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