Detzer, Andreas


I am a German National (1963) living in Bermuda since 1989. While working as a General Manager in the largest restaurant group on the island I fell victim to the passion of photography in 2010. This private passion developed rapidly when I discovered what I call “Surreal Reflection Photography”. Within 6 months I moved from not even showing up as a blip on the art radar to holding a solo exhibit at Bermuda’s most prestigious “Masterworks Gallery”.

This followed exhibits in various galleries around the island and receiving several awards including “Best portraiture by Flip Nicklin (discovery channel society )”, “honorable mentioning in creative photography by Flip Nicklin 2011”, Kodak Award for best photography – Masterworks Gallery 2014. Front Page feature in the “Bermuda Now” magazine 2014. “Artist of the week” Art Fusion Gallery Miami, Art District, 2015.
In 2015 over 50 pieces of my artwork were selected as the solo artist for the remodeling of the Boutique Inverurie Executive Suites in Bermuda. With this my private passion had moved into the public arena and I was hungry for more.

A new digital experiment led me to develop my most colorful portfolio yet called “Underwater Rainbow” which has proven equally enticing in the local art scene. The title reflects the underwater world, although in practice I normally don’t get more than my feet wet!

Artist Statement

“We live in a colorful world! Since my childhood I have always been drawn to water. I am fascinated by the ever changing colors, the tranquility one day and sheer power the next. Photography gave me the opportunity to look at the world in a different way. I am able to freeze moments and make them unforgettable for generations to come…

When my friend and well-known international photographer Teresa Airy came up with the title “Underwater Rainbow” for my new discovery I could not have asked for a better headliner. We all relate to Rainbows as a happy place full of colors and energy and this is what I wanted everyone to see in my digital art work.
With such success in such a short period of time it was time for me to leave the Rock (Bermuda) and see what the rest of the world has to say. Miami wasn’t a hard choice to make. Everyone is surrounded by water and i see the people just as colorful as Bermudians.
Since than I have expanded my passion into many other areas including stunning Black & Whites, Landscape and incredible artistically transformed Photoshop files

Have an Artful Day

Andreas Detzer

List of exhibitions with Gallery One Seventeen:

March 23rd, 2017 : “Andreas Detzer Solo Show”

June 14th, 2018 : “Summer Group Show” A group exhibition.


Examples, not in gallery.

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