Smythe, Nancy


Nancy Smythe’s rich, representational paintings capture a colorful moment in time, often providing a detailed perspective on specific events.

Born in Washington, D.C., Nancy studied art education at Northwestern University. She arrived in Bermuda in 1984 where her first private exhibition was held in 1990 at Bacardi International Ltd. The Corporation of Hamilton commissioned her for its annual Christmas Card, and she produced an 18 – work collection for Chancery Wine Bar. In 1998, Nancy was selected for Bermuda National Gallery’s 2nd Bacardi Biennial.

Returning to the US in 1999, she produced two solo shows in Florida. She continued to teach art, while exhibiting and creating commissioned portraits.

In 2001 she was engaged as Artist-in-Residence at “The Parapet”, where Georgia O’Keefe lived & painted. Here, Nancy initiated Bermuda’s inaugural “en Plein Air” event, inviting participation and exhibition from all local artists.

Nancy’s work has been featured on the cove r of Gray’s Sporting Journal (Feb/Mar, 2003) and included in Tri-County TEC’s” Art for Living” calendars. She won the Award of excellence at the Lighthouse Center for Arts in 2004, and in 2005 was selected to participate with 18 international artists in a month long Artist’s Colony.

Following her victory over cancer, for two years she explored the Bahamas, Cuba, Europe and the US, documenting her travels with art. Resident again in Bermuda, Nancy says, “I have been privileged to live in variety of locations, to study with master artist and experiment and exhibit widely. Painting in Bermuda Fuels my creativity and energy.”

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