Trott, Otto


Otto Trott was born in Bermuda. He grew up in St. George’s. He was taught by Charles Lloyd Tucker, at the Berkeley Institute. Mr. Tucker would paint in the art room and took his classes to exhibitions at City Hall. This exposure to art inspired Otto to become an artist. Otto himself eventually taught at the Berkeley Institute for 8 years.

Otto painted “en plein air” for most of his early career. He mainly worked in watercolour until he went to the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1983. There Otto began working in oil paint. Otto continued working outdoors and could be seen going to painting sites with his easel and canvas strapped in his bike’s basket. Otto began working in the studio in 1991where he began to paint Bermudians at work and at play. People especially enjoy how Otto paints water. Some of his most popular paintings depict Flatts

Examples not in gallery:

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