Wilson, Sharon


A Graduate of Massachusetts College of Art, Sharon Wilson received a B.F. Arts in the field of Illustration and a M.Sc. Art Education

Her name and images gained swift popularity in the 1980’s. This was largely due to the fact that her images were the first to show Black family life . Her quiet reflective images ensured her a place in the hearts of Bermudians. Sharon has illustrated three children’s picture books: for Walker of London, Little Brown Publishers of Boston and Simon & Schuster of NY.

In December 2008  she was awarded the Certificate and Badge of Honor  by

Her Majesty , Queen Elizabeth II, in recognition of her contribution to the Arts in Bermuda. Her works are held in the permanent collections of Masterworks Foundation, the Bermuda National Gallery and local corporate collections.

“These days I definitely have a social agenda. I am driven to create art which will empower us to live fuller, richer lives. I believe in art which speaks to our core beliefs. Art must lift us up, satisfy our souls, calm the savage beast, and  remind us of our humanity.  Great art is not great because of who creates it, great art is art which speaks to us of our humanness and of our potential.  I have always been drawn to painting about family life and because television still does not show it, I have needed to show the humanity of black people, and through them the humanity of all people. It is a simple thing, but not a small thing. For when any segment of the society is not seen in a balanced way, it renders them invisible even to themselves. I refuse to accept anything and everything as art. She added “great art  offers us opportunities to become more introspective, it inspires us to think with greater depth, it  opens dialogue. At this time in history when trends are traded for substance, we, who sing on canvas, must have more than a beautiful voice, we actually need to have something relevant to say.”

She remains committed to capturing the humanity and dignity of the people of Bermuda.

List of exhibition(s) with Gallery One Seventeen:

Dec. 14th , 2018 – “10th Annual Smalls Show” A group exhibition.


Photos of Sharon’s current work can be sent via email at request.

Examples, not in gallery:


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