Bermuda Colours
A Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Diana Amos

I’m happy to have been invited by Danjou to have a solo exhibition of my work in his beautiful Gallery 117, Front Street, Bermuda.

Nearly all of my pieces in this show are of Bermuda’s landscape. Some are painted in watercolour and some in oils. I love both mediums. I never tire of plein air painting (painting on location).
My favourite subjects are the natural landscape or the landscape juxtaposed with weathered man-made structures. I like to capture the way that light and shadows affect our percepions of colour, to paint a familiar place and have the viewer see it anew, to show the beauty in everyday places.
The subject matter in this exhibition will be shorelines, byways, alleys and some of my favourite places. The paintings are my response to the beauty, light and colours that I see.
Painting isn’t relaxing, but engrossing. Time melts away. I don’t rush my paintings – I stop for a while when I start to tire. When working out of doors, I paint while standing at my easel and the sun, wind, rain, small children, talkative adults, cows, and rising tides are all part of the experience. The paintings are then often finished in my studio.